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      Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year. I'm Mini Joseph, a Physical Therapist working currently in the ACT 18 program throughout the district for students with moderate cognitive impairments. I also service the preschool program located this year at Webster elementary school besides servicing the primary and intermediate classrooms.  I travel throughout the week servicing students at Webster, Emerson middle school and Franklin transition program. I have worked for Livonia Public Schools since 2001 with the similar population at all educational levels i.e. at the Skills Center (ages 18 - 26),  the high school level, Emerson Middle School and at Webster. Prior to that I worked at Wyandotte Public schools and Northville's Old Village school in the program for students with severe mental impairments. I am a graduate of Oakland University's Physical Therapy program and have been a PT since 1994 working in both out patient and inpatient settings prior to working in the schools.

       I look forward to and am excited to work with our youngsters and to revel in the gross motor progress they will make this upcoming school year. Students are typically referred by the classroom teachers for PT services due to gross motor deficits that interfere with the students' ability to function in the classroom and school environment. Thereafter an evaluation is done and functional goals established with input from the parent, teacher and therapist to meet the students' unique needs. This may include mobility goals, transfer skills, components of posture and movement, adaptive equipment needs, adaptations in the instructional setting, and sensory motor needs. Physical Therapy is an IEP'd service and can only be provided upon the yearly receipt of a physician recommendation. A new prescription may be required during the school year if the student has a change of status medically that may require a medical intervention or surgery/hospitalization. PT services are provided in a group or individual pull out services.

       Thank you for the opportunity to work with your child. 

We as a staff believe that:
* All students should have opportunities to be authentically engaged.
*All students can learn and want to learn. 
* All children need a safe, respectful, and trusting environment in which to learn. 
* All students contribute to the community.
*All students have unique skills and talents and multiple learning styles that must be honored.
* All children should have the opportunity to learn process skills, which are key for students to think clearly, care deeply, and act wisely. 

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