2015-16 School Year Purchasing Bids

Thank you for your interest. Please see the folders to the left, for information on open and closed bids.

We request that vendors wishing to provide Livonia Public Schools with goods and/or services, or those who want bid results, please do not call the LPS Central Office, schools, or any district personnel directly.

Please register your business at www.buy4michigan.com. There, you will be able to list all of your contact information as well as the goods and/or services you provide. Vendors will then be contacted through Buy4Michigan. You may also watch our website for updates on current bids.

Purchasing web sites:

REMC Association of Michigan 
US Communities Government Purchasing Alliance

If you would like to view the Board of Education approval of bid purchases, please select the link below:
Board of Education Regular Meeting Agendas

2013 Bond Issue Information